When doing any woodworking project, safety is a big concern. Use the right safety gear and operate tools according to their manual. Don’t take guards off of the power tools. You do not want to start a woodworking project and end up in the hospital.

TIP! When using stain, try a test on a small scrap you may have available or in an area on the wood that will be out of sight. This will help you to pick the right stain color for your project.

If you are now or ever have been good with working with your hands, then you should try to do woodworking. Woodworking has been enjoyed for many years. People will always appreciate beautifully created wooden pieces. Use the following tips to hone your skills.

Do you realize that your workbench height is key to the success of your projects? In order to get the right height, measure from your floor to your waist. This lets you know what the best height is for your workbench.

TIP! When you are budgeting for new projects, don’t forget to set aside money for any tools you need. It’s easy to just overlook things because you’re thinking of the cost of lumber and that’s all.

Be safety conscious when working with wood. Use the tools correctly and wear the right equipment. Don’t take the guards off the tools you have as they were put there for your protection. You could get hurt if you do this.

Tin snips are important accessories to use when you are woodworking. Tin snips allow you to quickly and effortless cut the laminate into a usable size. Try designating a pair of snips for laminate cutting so that they stay sharp.

TIP! While you might like keeping a small ruler handy in your pocket, you probably find that it falls out every time you bend over. Instead of wood, choose a metal rule and keep it with your magnet.

Test your stains on scraps of wood or inconspicuous areas of the piece you’re using. By doing this, you can prevent unwanted surprises in the event that the stain color turns out differently than you expected. This will go a long way in preventing disappointment.

if you’re using loud equipment for woodworking, always make sure to protect your ears. Woodworking machinery is very noisy. Exposure over a long period of time can be bad on your hearing. You can wear headphones or you can invest in some disposable ear plugs. Regardless of your personal choice of ear protection, make certain you always use them when woodworking.

TIP! Drinking some beer while woodworking may seem like fun. That said, it isn’t good to imbibe if you plan to work with power tools.

A handy tool for every woodworking shop is a stair gauge. They can layout stair jacks as well as clamp carpenter’s squares. This adds a very practical element to your project that can save time and money. If you use the square as a guide, your cuts will be straight every time.

When you are doing woodworking projects, it is important for you to choose the best wood for the job. Soft woods like pine will scratch easily, so it is not the best choice for surfaces that will see a lot of use. Different types of wood will have a different color once they have been finished.

TIP! Woodworking kits are a great way to start out. You can find kits that come with some pre-cut pieces.

It is handy to carry a small pocket ruler, but it may fall out whenever you bend over. To reduce this problem, you could get a metal ruler and put the ruler in the same place as where you store your magnet. The magnet will keep the ruler safely in your pocket.

Try to reuse your sanding blocks. A sanding block makes sanding much easier on your hands and gives you control, however you don’t need to buy an expensive holder for your sandpaper. You can use some scrap plywood to create your own. For each sandpaper grit, spray the piece of wood with adhesive and stick your sandpaper on it.

TIP! Stay away from having too many extension cords when woodworking, and only use one. Just unplug a tool when you are finished with it and plug the new one in that you want to use.

Avoid being a perfectionist about tape measures. Story sticks are good to use, and you can slowly work up to your cut. There’s always time to practice a cut on scrap first. Planning your cuts in different ways helps you avoid getting bored.

Make sure to stay patient. Many people begin working on a woodworking endeavor only to see it not coming out as they had planned. Remember that your result is waiting there inside of the wood, you just have to bring it out. If you’re patient, you’ll see that you can keep your focus on your work. You will reach the end of your project imminently!

TIP! Create a comprehensive budget for your project. Once you get a project picked out, remember to figure out what it’s going to cost you.

Choose the right wood for the job. Do not use a soft wood such as pine for a table top because it will scratch easily. You will also need to remember that different wood varieties take stain differently and will be different colors once finished.

You need to prepare wood before staining. Applying a conditioner to your wood can help. This sort of wood conditioner is designed to soak into the grain of the wood and make a good surface for even absorption of the stain. Lastly, after your stain is on, use a rag to remove excess product.

TIP! Hang onto wood scraps, as they may be useful down the road. You may never know when a tiny chunk of wood will be the one you need to fill a hole or to help support a clamp when gluing pieces together.

Make sure you aren’t neglecting to talk to other people. Your shop is a place where you work alone. There will still be times you get stuck on a particular problem within a larger project. Consult with fellow woodworkers to get new ideas and useful support. It’s really hard to find a problem that no one has experienced before.

Always practice before getting started with a new project. Take out a piece of wood that you aren’t using for this project and try it out on that. If it doesn’t work, try another piece, again and again until you get a handle on how it works.

TIP! Fly cutters can be really dangerous. If you want to make the arm and bit easier to view so you are able to avoid them, try painting tips with some fluorescent paint.

Always listen for family and friends that wish to sell their houses. Your skills at woodworking are a great opportunity for you to get some extra money and to help them to raise the value for their home. Making little things like a personalized mailbox increases the attractiveness of your home.

If you are just getting started in woodworking, it is not necessary to purchase all of your equipment immediately. Look for inexpensive tools on auction sites or ask people you know if they have extra tools and materials they no longer want You might even get all you need for free!

TIP! Think about recreating some of your past projects. Remember that the more practice you have on a project, the better you will get at it.

Refrain from using too much pressure when sanding your wood. Using too much pressure while sanding can cause the surface of the wood to become uneven or gauged. Using the right grit will mean you don’t have to push hard. Sand with the grain of wood and lightly.

Make use of drawers. With efficient use of drawers, you can put many tools in a tiny room. As well, consider how to place tools with similar uses together. This will help you find your tools easier. Make sure that all of your tools are organized effectively.

Stair Gauges

As a woodworker, you want to make sure that your work space is organized and well ventilated. It should also be well lit and include a first aid kit. Have a fire extinguisher in there too.

TIP! PBS oftentimes airs several types of shows that assist those interested in DIY projects of all sorts. They cover a variety of skills and tools used in woodworking.

A good circular saw guide is stair gauges. Normally, these stair gauges match both the rise and run of stair jacks so it’s easy to match the notches up. Use them along with a carpenter square to guide your saw.

When making the things that you have thought up, it will take more than techniques and tools. Keep in mind what you desire of the finished product. Keep in mind that simplicity is best. Be sure not to overdo it.


Check your stain on a discreet spot of the wood. The stain might not be what you were thinking of and not come out the way you had anticipated. Checking it on a hidden spot will help you make any changes you need to make. This means you’ll have to do less work later on.


Woodworking is a hobby many people enjoy. With these tips in mind, you can start a new project. Take what you learned here to better your skills and soon you will see great projects being created.

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