Before using any stains or finishes on your wood, make sure you stir them and not shake them. Some of the ingredients in these stains and finishes tend to settle to the bottom over time. Shaking can cause bubbles and lead to uneven mixing. Be sure you stir it up until your mix is dispersed correctly and in a smooth manner.

TIP! Always choose the proper wood for your project. Some woods will not do well as they cannot handle the stress that others will.

By finding this article, you are on your way to honing your skills. At your job, you may get in-office training to learn something new. If woodwork is a hobby for you, you can learn on your own. If you want to learn more about woodworking, then you are in the right place.

When renting tools that you are unfamiliar with, speak with the company about getting a lesson on how to use it. There are often specialists available to help you learn how to use the tool quickly. Some places even have detailed handouts with tips that will help you get better results with the new tools you are using.

TIP! A good method in laminating a wood project is by using tip snips to trip the laminate. You can cut effortlessly and quickly with tin snips.

A great tool for setting crosscut guides is a stair gauge. Make sure that they are clamped next to the carpenter’s square when you cut. Then use a pencil to mark the notches. Putting them both on the carpenter’s square’s tongue will make an excellent guide for your circular saw.

No woodworking shop should be without a stair gauge. Commonly used to scribe stair jacks, it can also be used to attach to your carpenter’s square. That makes the carpenter square a guide for the circular saw. You won’t have to worry about uneven cuts any more!

Gel Stains

Be sure to use appropriate protection for your ears. The machinery used can get very loud. Too much exposure to these loud sounds can harm your hearing over time. Buying some inexpensive ear plugs or some noise-cancelling headphones will help. Use them every time you use a machine.

TIP! Do you currently have a screw that needs some tightening but is not easy to reach? Your toolbox has answers. Use a screwdriver with a long handle and 12 points.

Gel stains are fantastic when you stain furniture. Liquid stains tend to run when they are applied, while gel stains stick to the lumber better. Also, since these gel stains have a thicker consistency, their pigment stays consistent during the whole application process which shows in the even staining on both horizontal and vertical surfaces.

You can make cuts without a tape measure. You can work into a cut by using a story stick. Making your cuts first on scrap wood will help you try out a fitting before you move to that final cut. Planning out your cuts in different ways keeps your mind working.

TIP! If woodworking is new to you, one of the most important pieces of advice to take is to thoroughly read all plans and instructions before you begin anything. Make sure they are complete without any missing information.

Always be sure you’re buying the right nail in the right size for the job you’re working on. If the nail is too large, you could end up with split wood. A small nail, however, won’t be able to join the wood together. Make sure you get nails that are just right.

You never know when something you don’t want in your eyes will go straight in their direction. You should always wear your safety glasses while working. Make no exceptions and then you’ll always be protected. If the goggles you have do not fit well and provide clear sight, purchase a pair that do.

TIP! Create a sanding block out of materials laying around your shop. This will cause less damage to your hands while you are sanding, and you won’t need to purchase any expensive sandpaper holders.

Keep an eye out for free wood. Some businesses toss out old pallets and wood scraps they do not need anymore. Look online for some examples of up-cycled pieces to give you some ideas before you start.

Ensure that your woodworking shop has plenty of lighting. Whenever you paint, sand or stain something, you are going to need bright light. That ensures you see any problems which crop up. Also, more lighting will help you to apply the stain evenly.

TIP! To do an even better sanding job on wood, make sure the surface is slightly wet. This will raise the grain.

Find recycled wood. There are a lot of places that will have scraps that they were going to throw away that you can use. Home improvement stores, floor shops and other such places usually discard any unused wood. Use this to your advantage and keep an eye out for pieces you can use. This can save you a ton of money.

Have some patience. Some folks try to do woodworking, but get frustrated at the time and effort it takes. When this happens, remember that the wood you are working with contains your finished piece. Patience helps with focus. Soon your project will be finished.

TIP! Make sure not to throw away the scrap wood from each project. You don’t know just when you’re going to need a tiny wood piece to fill a gap.

When you first start out with your woodworking, try using some kits that are available. All the wood has been pre-cut for you in these kits and it is your task to simply put them together. This is great for starting woodworking and getting the basics down. This is a good way to get started without spending a lot on your projects or taking the risk of making mistakes.

Don’t purchase too many hardware, tools, or wood. When you get too much stuff, you are likely to discover that you don’t actually need it all. Getting things in bulk means more to store at home. Instead of storing massive amounts of excess, buy what you will be using in the very near future.

TIP! Before you cut lumber, check for nails, screws and other metal pieces. While you may think it’s silly because you’re working with newer lumber, it is something that could make you not have an accident.

You don’t know when something will fly toward your eyes. You cold end up with a blind eye if you ignore wearing your goggles. If your goggles don’t fit well or provide clear eyesight, find the pair that do.

When chiseling wood, make sure that all cuts are away from the body. Chisels can slip and end up stabbing you if you are chiseling toward you. Use this thinking when using saws as well. Always motion away from the body to prevent serious injuries.

TIP! When starting out, you do not need to buy thousands of dollar worth of equipment. Instead, look into groups such as Freecycle, and ask family and friends if they have tools around that they no longer use.

Stair gauges are great for circular saws. Normally a stair gauge is used to match the rise and the run of a stair jack so you can match up the notches. However by using both of them on the tongue of a carpenter square, you can make a useful guide for a circular saw.

For beginners, it is usually best to buy inexpensive woods at first. You may even try scrap wood. You will make mistakes and ruin a few pieces as you get started. Do not waste your money on high-quality woods for practicing.

TIP! Use a small piece of wood between the project piece and the clamp. When a clamp is tightened on a wooden surface, its teeth can leave depressions on the wood.

Prior to sanding, wet down the surface you’re going to work on. Making the surface wet raises up the grain. That helps you avoid scratches. Wetting the wood results in a finer piece, that looks professional and attractive. It, quite possibly, could save you work in the long run, too.

Of course, you must not engage in woodworking projects while under the influence of drugs or alcohol. Even a beer can lead you to make a mistake. That applies to medication, even ones that are over-the-counter. Do not take medications that affect your mind or motor skills when woodworking.

TIP! Drill pilot holes prior to screwing into wood. If you attempt to put the screw in first, it is likely to spin out and thereby damage the wood.

Always make sure that your double check any measurements you take. If you are working with costly materials, you may want to check them three or four times. The most expensive mistakes occur in the measurement process. Cutting too short or at the wrong angle can wreck your wood.

Getting into woodworking doesn’t mean you need to spend a ton on tools. Look into home improvement stores to learn about rentals. If you love woodworking, you may want to buy the tools you need over time. Rental tools are a better option if you just have one or two projects that you want to do.


We all have to try to get better. Every little thing counts. When using the above tips, you will be more than ready to tackle that project you have been thinking about.

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