Use stair gauges to guide your crosscuts. Clamp them to carpenter’s squares and be sure they match the runs and rises of the stair jacks. Mark the notches in them. You will make a crosscut guide for your circular saw when you put it on the carpenter’s square.

TIP! Prepare your finishes and stains by stirring them instead of shaking them. The ingredients can settle eventually.

Woodworking can be very enjoyable. That’s true, but you may not know the right place to start. Instead of worrying about this, just take it one step at a time. This article is here to help you do that.

Whenever you’re thinking of cutting a piece of wood that’s narrow, don’t try to use your fingers to guide it. Rather, make use of a longer, thinner piece of wood that can push it along the saw’s surface. It will help you to maintain the use of all ten fingers on your hands.

TIP! Use tin snips if you are working with laminate. This tool is intended to cut metal, so it easily slices through laminates, which greatly reduces the energy needed.

When using stain, try a test on a small scrap you may have available or in an area on the wood that will be out of sight. This way you will avoid any surprises in case the color of the stain looks different after application. Wood tends to be unpredictable, so avoid disappointment and mistakes by doing a simple test.

Add a stair gauge to the shop that you create. These gauges are used to lay out stair jacks but they are also very useful if you need something to clamp a carpenter’s square. This will turn your square in to a circular saw guide. Using the square, you will have perfectly straight cuts every time.

TIP! Choose the right size of nail for your project. Nails that are too wide tend to split the wood, weakening the hold.

You should have a good understanding of the different types of wood available to you and their many characteristics. Every kind of wood will be different to work with. All the trees react differently to the stains. Additionally, wood will splinter differently depending on the quality. Therefore, you will want to check out all of the types possible. These are all variables to consider when working with wood.

Put extra spring in your grip. There are some times when you have to try using a spring clamp, but you may just be only able to use a single hand. These clamps can be very difficult to open with one hand. You can make it simpler. Before you start to glue, put your clamps on some scrap wood while you have two free hands. In this way, you will be able to retrieve them with one hand as you need them.

Golf Tee

Keep an eye out for recycled wood. Scraps can be discarded which are a boon for your projects. Some places include big box stores, other woodworkers and floor shops. Use this to your advantage and keep an eye out for pieces you can use. This can also save you quite a bit of money in the long run.

TIP! Think about using kits when you first start woodworking. They include wood which is pre-cut, allowing you to easily assemble your project.

A golf tee is a wonderful fix for wiggling hinges. Start by removing the door from the frame. Remove the hinges too and tap tees into the screw holes. If there is excess golf tee, cut it off before reinstalling the hinges and door. The golf tee will help the screw bite into something.

Be on the lookout for folks wishing to get rid of tools or furniture they own. These pieces are often very inexpensive or are given away for free. Think of what you can do with these pieces in your shop before you dismiss buying them. If an old dresser has outlived its usefulness, the wood itself has not. Use the drawers to fashion an artistic bookcase.

TIP! There are some tools that you must have on hand. The first tool you get is going to be a hammer.

Are you finding it hard to be able to reach a screw that you need to tighten? Your toolbox has the answer. Get out your 12 point socket and a screwdriver. Just put your screwdriver into the socket and use your ratchet to get the job done.

Whenever you are sanding something, there doesn’t have to be a lot of force applied. If you sand with pressure, you can wind up with an uneven surface from gauging. It’s important to learn which sandpaper grit should be used because this will allow you to sand easily without needing to be forceful. Sand lightly with a circular motion.

TIP! Make sure that your wood shop has adequate lighting. Whenever you paint, sand or stain something, you are going to need bright light.

Wear safe footwear when you are in the shop working on projects. There are sure to be lots of nails, tools and wood chunks everywhere you step. You want to ensure that you have the proper protection, as you may tread on a nail or another sharp object. Your shoes need to be great for walking around as you work.

You can use a stair gauge to guide circular saws. Normally a stair gauge is used to match the rise and the run of a stair jack so you can match up the notches. But, using them together with a carpenter square works to guide a circular saw.

TIP! Don’t create a type of extension cord octopus when woodworking. Only use one extension cord.

You need to have good lighting where you plan to work. This will helps you make accurate measurements. Additionally, sharp tools are frequently used to cut wood. To do so safely, you need to see what you are doing well. A well lighted wood shop is a happy wood shop.

Stay patient. Many people begin woodworking them get frustrated when things don’t materialize instantly. When this happens, remember that the wood you are working with contains your finished piece. Patience helps with focus. Your piece will be done soon!

TIP! Create a realistic budget. Sit down once you’ve got a project in mind, and determine the realistic costs.

Are any of your friends, co-workers or family trying to sell their house? You can make some money with your woodworking abilities. Some projects you can do include redoing kitchen cabinets or creating new mailbox posts.

Practice before embarking full on with a new technique or tool. Use scrap wood to work with. Using scrap wood allows you to practice until you learn a new technique.

Protect your eyes when you are working on a project. Wearing goggles can save your vision. To make sure you wear them, find glasses that fit comfortably.

Before cutting any piece of lumber inspect it for nails, screws or other types of metals. While you may think it’s silly because you’re working with newer lumber, it is something that could make you not have an accident. New lumber may have staples in it which can cause injuries.

TIP! Make sure your shop is free of dust on a regular basis. Generally hardwood dust is going to be a hazard more than the dust from softer woods, but that isn’t always the case.

Stair gauges make excellent circular saw guides. They’re normally used to mark stair jacks. Although you can still use them on carpenter square tongues to be a helpful guide when using a circular saw.

For quick cleanup when you’re done, get a quality Shop Vac. This will suck up small wood chips, saw dust, and other small particles. Use a heavy duty brush to clean debris off your power tools. Use your shop vac to pick up dust around your tools.

TIP! If you’re trying to build a large piece that needs clamps to keep things glued, you may need a big clamp. If you do not have any, try getting a pipe clamp.

Prior to sanding, get the surface wet. Wetting the wood will raise the grain. This will help you get rid of any fine scratches. It will give your project a professional finish. Additionally, it will save you work down the road.

Painter’s tape is often used in the wood shop. Cutting along this tape will reduce splintering and also give you a straight line guide. You can also use it to keep glue from setting on the outside of the wood.


Have some patience. A lot of people begin working on a project and then get frustrated because it doesn’t work out the way they planned. When this happens, remember that the wood you are working with contains your finished piece. Go slow in the beginning, and soon you will see your patience paying off. Soon, your piece is going to be finished!


With all that you’ve read here, you are closer than ever to being a good woodworker! Continue learning about this skill and continue to be excited about creating art with wood. There are so many things you build!

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