If you are going to be staining your project, test on a scrap of wood or an inconspicuous area. This will prevent you from getting an unwanted stain color on your final product. Wood and stains can surprise you, so test things out before you put it on the final project.

TIP! Are you aware that your workbench height is critical to your work quality? Measure how far your waist is from the floor – this should be the height of your bench. This measurement will provide you the perfect height for the work space.

You can achieve great things by bettering your woodworking skills. Many jobs offer on the job training. This article can be a resource for your improvement as a woodworker. These tips will make you better at woodworking.

When you apply wood finishes and stains, make sure you stir, not shake them. Stains often have ingredients that settle to the bottom. Shaking can cause bubbling which prevents the products from mixing properly. Be sure to continue stirring until everything that has settled is blended in evenly.

TIP! Always select the correct wood for your project. In woodworking, not every wood can sustain every type of stress.

If you are going to be staining your woodworking project, use a pre-stain conditioner on the wood. If you use pre-stain conditioners on your project, you’re going to be not as likely to have irregularities on the project when you’re done. Also, it will create a smooth texture upon completion.

When using stains, a great product choice is gel. Stains that are liquid will run when you apply them and the gel stains are going to stick to your wood better. Also, gel stains are thick, so they tend to stain more evenly.

TIP! If you rent a tool that is unfamiliar to you, ask the rental company for a quick demonstration. There are often specialists available to help you learn how to use the tool quickly.

Do you realize that your workbench height is key to the success of your projects? You can find it by measuring the how far it is from the floor to your waist. This will allow you to have the best height for your workbench.

Learn the characteristics of different kinds of wood. Each type is different. They all react differently when you apply stain. They will splinter in different ways, based on how you cut. Therefore, you will want to check out all of the types possible. All these factors will be taken into account when working on your project.

TIP! If you have interior doors that are starting to come loose, you can easily remedy this problem with golf tee. Take the door from the hinges and tap your golf tee into every screw hole.

You should stir stains and finishes before using them. They should never be shaken. Some of the ingredients in these stains and finishes tend to settle to the bottom over time. Shaking can cause bubbles which can negatively impact your results. Make sure you stir properly, until everything is even and smooth.

Is there a loose screw which you just can’t get at? The answer is in your toolbox. Get screwdriver with a long handle that comes with a twelve point socket. Use the socket to place on a screwdriver, and then attach it to a ratchet.

TIP! Look for recycled wood. There are a lot of places that have scraps for you to use.

Always select the correct wood for your project. Some woods are better for certain projects than others are. If you are unsure of how each type of wood will react to what you are trying to accomplish, you should spend some time learning about them first.

You may be tempted to sink a couple of beers while working on your project. However, if you’re drinking and doing woodworking with tools it can be a terrible idea. Stay away from woodworking projects while consuming alcohol. Illegal and prescription drugs should also be avoided when working with woods.

TIP! Do not forget the important of keeping in touch with the world. Woodworking shops tend not to have Internet access.

Do not use your fingers to guide a narrow strip of wood into the saw. Use a thin piece of wood instead. Use it to guide the wood through the saw. This will prevent you from inadvertently whacking off your fingers.

There are a few essential hand tools you should purchase before starting your first woodworking project. The first tool you get is going to be a hammer. A claw hammer is the best option for woodworking projects. When choosing a hammer, opt for a hammer that feels comfortable in your hand. You shouldn’t get a hammer that will be too heavy.

Tin Snips

Wet your lumber before beginning to sand. That forces the grain to rise. This, in turn, lets you eliminate very fine scratches. It leaves your finish looking more professional. It can lessen your future workload as well.

TIP! Plan everything on paper first. Writing down your plan and accounting for your budget will make sure everything goes smoothly.

Tin snips are a great way to trim laminate that you use in woodworking. These can cut the laminate that you use to the appropriate size. Purchasing a pair of tin snips that will only be used for cutting laminate will keep them sharp.

You can make your own custom sized sanding blocks. To make a sanding block cut a piece of wood to a size that fits comfortable in your hand. Use adhesive to apply the sandpaper to your block, then let it dry. This will give you a perfect sized sanding block.

TIP! Always have a budget in mind when it comes to any woodworking projects. You need to know exactly how much you’ll have to spend.

A golf tee provides a quick and easy fix for loose interior door hinges. Remove the door and hinges from the frame and tap the golf tee into the hole. Cut off the length of golf tee that protrudes from the hole, then you put your door back up. This gives the screw a more solid base to grip into.

Before you stain any piece, make sure you prepare the wood so the stain goes on evenly. You can do this by using pre-staining conditioner. Such products soak into the grain and produce even reception on the stain. Next, use a rag to blot off excess stain.

TIP! Use the sharpest blades you can. Woodworking accidents often occur because blades were too dull.

Choose the right size of nail for your project. Very large nails can cause wood to split, which will prevent it from holding well. However, very small nails do not penetrate the wood well; therefore, it won’t hold the wood properly. So, it is important to determine the correct size nail for the job.

Use a lot of scrap wood, and low-cost wood when you are starting out as a woodworker. When you are just starting out in woodworking you will make lots of errors, so you need lots of practice. You won’t want to waste your money to practice.

TIP! A good clamp is important when you glue pieces of wood together. This will make sure things stay in place when you’re waiting for the glue to dry.

Do you currently have a screw that needs some tightening but is not easy to reach? The answer is in your toolbox. Get out your 12 point socket and a screwdriver. Put the socket over the handle of the screwdriver, then use the ratchet to reach tough spots.

Use drawers to your advantage. If you efficiently use drawer space, it is possible to fit many tools in a small area or room. Group similar tools together. The extra space won’t help if you are at a loss to remember what drawer is for what. Have a logical approach to storing your tools.

TIP! If you are hoping to start woodworking, do know that you don’t have to invest a lot of money into tools. Some home improvement stores even rent tools.

You should use more than just tape measures. Story sticks can help you out and it’s wise to slowly work up to the cut you want. Scrap wood cutting is smart and means that you are able to try out a fitting. Having variety in the ways you can cut will stave off boredom.

Dovetails joints are not worth the extra effort to create if they are not on view. Regardless, every project will not look attractive with them visible. Try a quick biscuit or glue joint then. Just think about the final look before you rush to make a dovetail.


When you use the table saw, be safe. While crosscutting, it is important that you use a block properly secured on the fence when establishing the cut length. This works better than utilizing the fence only as it stops the board from springing back. And, it will keep the board free for cutting.


You should always strive to better yourself. From a new project to a new skill, the best advice can get us through. With the tips you’ve used here you should be able to take on your project and build something great!

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