Use a pre-stain wood conditioner before applying a stain. This will reduce the risk of irregularities and blotches in the final product. Such conditioning agents smooth the wood surface and let stains sink in evenly.

TIP! Consider making your own sanding blocks that are reusable. You will need three-quarter-inch plywood cut into six blocks.

You may have seen a beautiful piece and wondered if you could do something like that. There is not that much out there about how to work with wood, and that’s why this article was written. Read these tips to improve your skills.

Have a good grasp of your budget before you start on any project. When it comes to projects, your dreams can’t be bigger than your wallet. You start your project with great enthusiasm, but you run out of money half way through. Be sure to budget in advance to be prepared for any eventuality.

TIP! When using stains, a great product choice is gel. Gel stains work better on lumber because the liquid kind usually run.

Safety is crucial when it comes to woodworking. Always use your tools properly while wearing adequate safety equipment. Avoid taking off the guards on power tools; they are meant to protect you. The last thing you want to do is end up at the emergency room because of an accident.

Keep a ruler inside your pocket, and make sure it stays put. Get yourself a ruler made of metal and put it in the pocket where you store your telescoping magnet. The magnet will keep them both firmly inside your pocket.

TIP! Learn as much as you can about different woods. No two pieces of wood are alike.

If you plan on renting an unfamiliar tool, ask the company if they can provide a short tutorial. Oftentimes, they have someone available to train you with the tool. You should also ask if there are any handouts available that will familiarize you with the tool.

Make sure to use the right nails. Very large nails typically cause the wood to split, which will prevent it from holding well. In addition, if you pick up something that is too little, it won’t be big enough to do the job correctly. You should know what size you need to get the job done.

TIP! Look for recycled wood. Many places will get rid of scraps that you can use.

Don’t use your fingers to guide your cutting. Rather, make use of a longer, thinner piece of wood that can push it along the saw’s surface. This keeps your fingers safe, which of course are vital for living as well as the continuation of your wood working projects.

Go to yard sales, garage sales, and online to get better deals on woodworking equipment. You can get good prices on quality tools when you purchase them used. Your wallet will be happy if you shop around a little bit.

Tin Snips

Apply your woodworking skills on yard projects. You can build something simple like a bird feeder, or something harder like a deck. The birds that this attracts will help you to keep insects out of your yard so you can be more relaxed outside. If professional woodworking is a thing you want to do, you should meet up with clients on the deck if you can so they can see what you’re able to do.

TIP! If you are new to woodworking, consider beginning with a woodworking kit. The kits are made up of pre-cut wood pieces that you arrange to build the final product.

If you are using laminate, a good way to cut the wood is to use tin snips. Tin snips will let you easily turn the laminate into a more usable size. If you buy a pair of snips specifically for laminate cuts, they’ll always be sharp for you.

Do not build a tangle of extension cords, just stick to one when woodworking. Unplug whatever tool you aren’t using, and plug in one that you will be using. This simple safety tip can prevent electrocution and tripping hazards.

TIP! You have to be patient. It’s easy to start a project, become frustrated, and quit because results are not instantaneous.

Know all about the wood you are getting prior to purchasing it, especially if you plan to stain it. Paint grade wood is generally of lower quality and stain grade has better grain patterns. Also know that veneer and particle board are really quite different. Veneer tends to absorb too little stain, while particle board too much. Getting the correct kind of wood will help you be sure that you can expect good results.

Try making your own sanding blocks. Just cut wood to the right size you need for your current project. Then you should use an adhesive to get the sandpaper connected to your block and then let it dry. This will give you an optimal sized sanding block.

TIP! If you are tackling a large, complicated project, check to see how other people approached similar jobs. You might not mirror them step by step, but they can serve as inspiration for your own twists.

Don’t lose touch with others. Your woodworking shop likely is your personal space and doesn’t have Internet. You may find yourself confused or at a loss on a given project. Consult with fellow woodworkers to get new ideas and useful support. It is very unlikely that you will end up in a situation you can’t find an answer to if you follow this rule.

Skills saws and table saws should always have sharp blades. Dull blades can cause slippage and accidents in your work area. That dull blade can make the wood you are working kick back or splinter. Both are major causes for shop injuries. Sharp bits are a great way to avoid this.

TIP! When learning woodworking techniques, watching is usually best. Watch a few videos to learn about the variety of tools used in woodworking.

Your woodworking area should have sufficient lighting. Whenever you paint, sand or stain, light is essential. Lighting helps you spot any areas that require additional sanding. Also, extra lights will allow you to see that stain is being applied evenly.

Before you cut lumber, check for nails, screws and other metal pieces. This might seem a waste of time if you are inspecting fresh lumber, but you never know when it will spare you an accident. New lumber may have staples in it which can cause injuries.

TIP! You will get better at woodworking as you continue working with it. With every project you do, you will gain experience and confidence.

For smaller cuts, use drafting squares. When an accurate cut to wood is needed to within a couple feet, you may struggle with measuring. Carpenter squares need to be affixed to an edge, and the squares used for drywall are notoriously inaccurate. Instead you should go to an art store for your drafting square. They’re accurate and simple to use.

If you are only beginning to do woodworking, use cheap wood or even scrap wood. You’ll need to practice at the beginning because you will make mistakes. You don’t need to waste your money for wood that’s high quality when you’re practicing.

TIP! Keep power cords as high as possible. It is more advantageous to plug tools from a hanging socket or one mounted on a pole.

Before starting, make a plan on paper. When you do this, it will allow you to see where you need to make changes or see what you need to purchase ahead of time. You will be much more organized and less stressed if you know what you need prior to beginning. Proper planning will keep the project going smoothly.

Remember where your wood comes from. It was a tree sacrificed for your benefit. Be efficient with cuts to avoid wasting materials and use them for your craft.

Power Sander

There is much more to a woodworking project than techniques and tools. You should always have the end look of the piece in mind. Know that keeping things simple will be the best course of action so that you’re not overdoing things.


There are a couple tools you need to have when you start doing a project. If you don’t already have them, purchase a circular saw, jigsaw, small table saw, power sander, and a good drill or driver. While an orbital sander would be ideal, any power sander will do.


Now that you have had a chance to read a little bit about woodworking, you’ve got a few tips that will help you better handle the wood. If you are persistent and practice, you’ll eventually make more and more complex pieces. This advice found in this article can help you.

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