Were you aware that your workbench height makes a difference in your quality of work? Starting from your waist midline, measure the distance down to the floor; this is your ideal workbench height. This will give you the optimum height for a perfect workbench.

TIP! As you work through your budget, make note of any tools that will be necessary for the tasks you have in mind. You may overlook this and not factor in the cost.

Don’t be fearful of woodworking. It doesn’t have to be difficult. If you know what you are doing, you can make something from wood. Curiosity and persistence will prevail. This piece offers just the tips you need to begin your woodworking career.

If you plan to stain furniture, look in to gel stains. Gel stains will adhere much better to your wood. Also, gel stains are thick, so they tend to stain more evenly.

TIP! If you’re renting a new tool, get a tutorial from the store before using it. Many times, they have specialist that can give you some great instruction.

It is always a good idea to have a pre-stain conditioner for the wood you’re planning to stain. You won’t have any blotches or unevenness when you use a conditioner. It will also help to improve the appearance of the wood itself, as wood has a natural grain and the conditioner fills it in to some degree.

It’s crucial that you never try to use fingers or hands as a guide when cutting wood. Try using thin wood strips to push that piece through your saw. This keeps your fingers safe, which of course are vital for living as well as the continuation of your wood working projects.

TIP! Learn about the wood you want to use before you try to stain it. Paint grade wood is lower quality while stain grade wood is of a higher quality.

Test out stains on a hidden spot. This can help you avoid surprises in case your stain color is different after you’ve applied it. Wood may not react as you thought, so avoid mistakes and possible disappointment by performing this simple test.

If your interior door’s hinges have wiggled loose, a simple fix is possible with nothing more than a golf tee. Put the golf tee in the screw hole to prevent wiggling. Cut the part of the tees that do not fit into the screw holes before putting the door back in its frame. The tee will allow the screw to bite into the door.

TIP! If you plan to use a saw, ensure the blade is sharp. A dull blade will make you work too hard.

If you’re looking to rent a tool you’ve never used before, ask for a tutorial before you leave the shop. Many times, they have specialists that will show you how to use the tool properly and safely. Ask for handouts and manuals as well.

In order to find great deals on woodworking tools and equipment, there are many places you can search, including yard sales, estate sales, garage sales, and even online. You should be able to find great deals on good tools when you buy them used. That will help you put more of your money into the projects you create instead.

TIP! Always be cautious when working with a table saw. If you are making a crosscut, set the length for the cut by clamping a block to the fence.

Never use your fingers when guiding the cut of a slim piece of wood. Instead you should use a thin and long strip of wood get push it through your saw. This helps you keep every finger, which are required for doing future woodworking.

Don’t apply a ton of pressure when sanding. Using too much pressure while sanding can cause the surface of the wood to become uneven or gauged. If using the properly gritted sandpaper, you won’t need to apply so much force. Use a circular motion to lightly sand.

Dry Fitting

A drafting square helps when making small cuts. It can be hard to accurately measure the wood you need. Drywall squares are known for being inaccurate, and carpenter squares must be fastened to an edge, making them cumbersome. Pick up a drafting square at an art store instead. They are usually extremely accurate and are definitely a lot easier to manage.

TIP! Stay patient. A lot of people begin working on a project and then get frustrated because it doesn’t work out the way they planned.

Do some dry fitting before applying glue and then piece the wooden pieces together. If you don’t and then try to do adjustments, chances are you’ll create damage to your project. Dry fitting will help you see which pieces go in which spots.

You can create your own sanding blocks. Just cut down a piece of wood to the dimensions your current job requires. Next, use some adhesive to attach your sandpaper to your block, and then let it dry. Now you have a new sanding block that is the ideal size for the wood project at hand.

TIP! Don’t throw away scrap wood! You may need some wood later to fill a gap or to clamp pieces of wood together. You can even use them as practice when you buy a new tool.

Be sure you have a good blade before sawing. A dull blade will make you work too hard. It also leads to errors that cost you money, time and materials.

Wear tight clothes when you work with tools. Lots of accidents have happened because of this type of clothing. To be safe, wear a tighter shirt that is tucked in. Also, wear steel-toed boots to protect your feet.

TIP! If you notice you double check your measurements each time you use a circular saw up against the straight edge, then write down your measurements from shoe edge to blade on the shoe itself. This should be done for both blade sides.

Always make sure you purchase the appropriate size nail for the job. If you use a nail too big for the task, it may split the wood, ruining the piece. Nails that are too small won’t hold the pieces together. Always try to pick the right size nail for your job.

When you are new to woodworking, try only getting cheaper woods, maybe even looking specifically for damaged woods or even scraps. In your early days of woodworking, you are going to make a lot of mistakes and need a lot of practice. Therefore, if you invested in a nice piece of wood, you could be out a bit of money.

TIP! You may want to repeat projects that you have done in the past. Practicing will make you better which is why doing one project a couple of times will help you to do better.

Wear the right shoes while working on wood. There are a lot of wood chips and nails that you will need to navigate through. You want to make sure your feet are protected in case you kick something or step on any nails. The shoes you wear must be sturdy so as to protect your feet from injury in your work environment.

For a lot of people that do woodworking, they base their whole shop around their table saw. This is how you should set your shop up too. Buy a quality table saw. Save money on the purchase of other tools, but invest in a good table saw.

TIP! A hanging clipboard is very handy in the workshop. Write down all items you’re running low on.

Keep an eye out for recycled wood. Some woodworking shops discard useful scraps. Home improvement stores, floor shops and other places frequently discard unused wood. Use this to your advantage and try to find the pieces you need to work on your project. You will save money doing this too.

Read and follow your woodworking instructions. Don’t take shortcuts; there’s a reason a step was included even if you don’t think it has a purpose at first. These directions are made to help you make the best quality project.

TIP! If you are using a clamp, place a quarter-inch thick slab of wood between the project and the teeth of the clamp. The clamp teeth could leave dents in the wood as it is tightened.

Something can always fly toward your eyes and cause damage. Keep your eyes on the machine that you are working with at all times. If you don’t have good fitting goggles that you can see out of, you need to find yourself a new pair.

As a woodworker, you want to make sure that your work space is organized and well ventilated. Make sure your working area is well lit and contains the things you will need in case of an accident. It is a good idea to keep a fire extinguisher on hand in case of a fire.


When sanding, don’t apply too much pressure. Using pressure while sanding can make the surface uneven. If you use sand paper of the correct grit, you should not need to apply a lot of force. Sand with the grain of wood and lightly.

Stair Gauge


You can use a stair gauge to guide circular saws. A stair gauge can help match the notches up. Using both on a carpenter square’s tongue can help guide a circular saw.


The process of woodworking should seem much clearer to you now. Use the information above to help hone your woodworking skills. You’ll eventually become an expert if you keep at it. Utilize your new knowledge, and you are bound to succeed. Get to work!

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