Understand that safety should be your top concern with woodworking. Always start a job with the proper safety gear and follow instructions for using the tools properly. Never remove any guards off of your power tools that are there to protect you. Hospitalization is not the goal of woodworking.

TIP! If you plan to stain a project, apply pre-stain products to your wood. This will reduce any blotches in the piece that you create.

People love working with wood. Woodworkers are known for making terrifically beautiful items ranging from toys to furniture. To do well, you have to understand the process of woodworking. Continue on and learn great woodworking techniques that are sure that maximize the joy you get out of this craft.

Ear protection is important. Machinery can be very loud. If you ignore this and don’t use protection, you can easily find yourself with some hearing loss before you know it. You can get headphones or use ear plugs that are disposable. Regardless of your decision, make certain to always use your protection while operating machines.

TIP! Do you have screws that are out of reach that need tightened, but you can’t fit a screwdriver or your hand in the area? Look to your toolbox. Grab a 12-point socket and your long-handle screwdriver.

You can make your crosscut guides using stair gauges. Clamp these gauges to the carpenter’s square you have and be sure they’re matching up to the stair jack’s run and rise. Mark the notches on your carpenter’s square. Putting them both on the carpenter’s square’s tongue will make an excellent guide for your circular saw.

Keep your work area well lit. You have to be accurate in measuring when you work with wood. You will need a variety of sharp tools and proper lighting is needed to see what you are doing. This will reduce any imperfections in your creations.

TIP! Search estate sales, garage sales and other resale venues for woodworking tools. By buying used, you can save yourself a lot of money.

Did you realize that how high your workbench sits will have an effect on your work? In order to get the right height, measure from your floor to your waist. This tells you the right workbench height for your needs.

Always remember to stay in contact with people. Chances are that you’ll be away from other people in your woodworking shop. Still, you may get stuck on some tricky projects. Reach out to other woodworkers for both support as well as answers and ideas. No woodworking problem will ever present itself to you that someone else hasn’t battled before.

TIP! To be able to complete a woodworking project you will need a variety of hand tools. The first item should be a high-quality hammer.

When you’re using finishes or stains you should always stir them instead of shaking them. Some ingredients in these products may settle over time. But, if you shake it could cause bubbles to form which would mean it wouldn’t mix too well. Be sure to continue stirring until everything that has settled is blended in evenly.

Don’t apply strong pressure when sanding. Sanding while using pressure will make a surface less even because you’ll be gouging the surface. If the sandpaper that you are using is the right grit, force will not be needed. Use a circular motion to lightly sand.

TIP! Make your own sanding block. Sanding is much easier with a sanding block, but it is not necessary to purchase a commercial holder for sandpaper.

Be sure you understand what is possible under your budget. Frequently, you overestimate how much you can afford to invest in your projects. Do not get excited about a project before making sure you have enough money to get everything you need. Do your homework before starting to avoid surprises.

Your woodworking area should have sufficient lighting. Whenever you paint, sand or stain something, you are going to need bright light. You will be able to notice areas that might need more sanding easily. Also, more lighting will help you to apply the stain evenly.

TIP! Prior to sanding, wet down the surface you’re going to work on. This will cause the grain to show itself.

Determine the best wood for your project. Some wood is stronger than others, while other woods need to be soft for what it is you’re doing. If you are unsure of how each type of wood will react to what you are trying to accomplish, you should spend some time learning about them first.

Use pen and paper to plan what wood pieces you’ll need or use. It’s easier to plan for the costs and avoid getting too much or too little. Assessing your wood requirements, for instance, helps keep things running smoothly. By planning ahead, you are ensuring a smooth ride.

Gel Stains

Plan out a woodworking budget. Once you choose a project, take time to estimate how much the materials will cost. It is best to have the exact cost determined ahead of time. Being forced to stop working on a project because it costs more than you thought is the result of poor planning.

TIP! Before staining any woodworking project prepare your wood to absorb the stain evenly. A good place to start is in the application of pre-stain wood conditioners.

Gel stains are a good way to stain furniture. Liquid-based stain often runs on application, and gel stains stay put much better. Also, gel stains are thick, so they tend to stain more evenly.

Make sure you know all the steps you’ll have to complete to finish your project. Do not let yourself get to a point of building the project before you realize a mistake. Read them over many times until you know what you’re doing.

TIP! It is important to make room for future alterations when building a big project. If you are planning on turning your shed into a workshop, ask yourself if you will need electric outlets in the future.

When doing woodworking with laminate, a good method of trimming the material is by using a pair of tin snips. You can cut effortlessly and quickly with tin snips. Buying tin snips meant to be used just for this purpose can keep them at the desired sharpness.

There’s no need to go overboard with the tools and materials needed for woodworking. The downfall of buying more than you need is that you will likely end up with problems finding space for storage and, in the end, you are wasting your money. Make sure that you only buy what you need to use.

TIP! Always chisel away from where your body is. You don’t know when you’re going to have the chisel slip up and then hurt the hand you’re using to hold the wood.

Before sawing, ensure that the blade is in top condition. Dull blades rip wood apart. It will also increase your chances for error, which could cost you money in the end.

Hang up a clipboard with a marker by putting a nail in your wall. Use the clipboard to write down a shopping list. In this way, your shopping outings will be productive.

TIP! Attempt to store power cords over your head in the shop. Hanging sockets and those mounted on poles are the best places to plug tools in.

Learning how to read woodworking plans is a good place to start. Be sure you understand them through and through. If there is something you don’t understand or something is missing, you could head to your home improvement store to see if someone there could offer suggestions.

If you are planning on wood screwing, you should first drill a small hole into it as a pilot hole. When you try to put a screw into a flat piece of wood, it could tear the wood up. If you do not have a drill, try gently hammering the screw to make a hole.

TIP! You local Public Broadcasting Station, or PBS, offers many woodworking shows. They have a range of different approaches to woodworking.

Keep your work area well lit. Accuracy in woodworking means you need to see well. Remember that woodworking tools are extremely sharp. The things that are required in woodworking require adequate lighting so that you can see what you are doing and avoid injuries.

Painter’s tape is an often forgotten, but is an important tool needed for a workshop. It reduces splintering and helps you cut a straight line. You can use to to keep glue off the wood.


It may seem fun to have a beer or two while working in the shop. However, working with a saw and drinking is a terrible combination. Never drink any alcohol while you are working a project. Also, you never want to use illegal drugs or prescription medication when woodworking.


A lot of people aren’t able to look at wood and think of what types of things it can help them build. If you are someone who can see the end result, the information you read here will help advance your skills to help you build better projects. This article can help you learn new skills to use when woodworking.

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