Safety is important when working with wood. Always ensure that safety comes first, and you know how to properly use all the tools. Do not alter your tools by removing the safety features. They are in place for a reason. If you end up hurt, you won’t be able to work at all.

TIP! Stir stains and finishes instead of shaking them to mix. The ingredients in these can settle over time.

You can achieve great things by bettering your woodworking skills. You may complete on-site training or a course for work. To improve your hobby related skills, you can gain from articles such as this one. However, this article is full of the best woodworking techniques.

You need a good stair gauge in your shop. This is used for laying out stair jacks and can also be used to clamp a carpenter’s square. This will turn your square in to a circular saw guide. The square will get you wonderfully straight cuts all the time.

TIP! Before beginning to cut any wood, ensure your blade is sharp and in good working order. A dull blade will make you work too hard.

Always make safety first with a woodworking project. Use the tools correctly and wear the right equipment. Safety guards are on tools for a good reason and should never be removed. If you end up hurt, you won’t be able to work at all.

Put some more spring in your grip. A spring clamp may be useful sometimes, but only if you can use more than one hand. These clamps may be difficult to open with one hand. There is a method for making things a bit simpler. Before you begin a glue-up, place all the clamps that you need on a random scrap of wood using both free hands. This will make it much easier for you to use them with just one hand.

TIP! Be sure that your ears are properly protected. Machinery can be very loud.

If you are going to be staining your woodworking project, use a pre-stain conditioner on the wood. This will reduce any blotches in the piece that you create. The conditioners will help smooth out the wood and facilitate even staining.

Avoid being a perfectionist with tape measures. Story sticks can be helpful, and you are always able to cut later. Practicing on scraps first is a great way to try various fittings. Having variety in the ways you can cut will stave off boredom.

TIP! Keep an eye out for recycled wood. Many places work with wood and throw away scraps.

Test an area or scrap wood before using a stain. This will prevent you from getting an unwanted stain color on your final product. Wood can be unpredictable, so you can avoid mistakes and disappointment by doing this simple test.

Go to yard sales, garage sales, and online to get better deals on woodworking equipment. You can find some high-quality used stuff. You can then apply those savings to other things you may need.

TIP! Know that you have enough lighting in your woodworking shop. Whenever you paint, sand or stain, light is essential.

Never shake a finish or a stain. Only stir them. Ingredients can settle to the bottom. Shaking can lead to bubbling, though, which causes its own set of problems. Stir until everything is dispersed smoothly and evenly.

You should always double check any measurements you make. You may wish to triple check if you’re using pricy materials. The most expensive mistakes occur in the measurement process. Measuring will help you avoid cutting your lumber incorrectly.

TIP! Plan a budget for your woodworking projects. Find out how much materials will cost you.

Make sure that you use the appropriate wood during your project. Some woods will not do well as they cannot handle the stress that others will. If you don’t know how each wood type reacts to what you’re trying to do, spend a bit of time learning about it.

Always consider future changes when planning a large project. For instance, if a shed building project is being considered, is electricity something you may want in the future? If that is the case, make sure that you have enough room for switches and wires, in addition to room for good lighting.

TIP! Practice before beginning a project that uses a new technique or tool. Find some scrap wood and practice before beginning a new project.

When using stains, a great product choice is gel. Gel stains can stick to lumber well, while liquid ones can run. Also, gels are thicker so they will remain consistent during the entire application process.

Prior to putting your saw into any piece of wood, inspect it to ensure that there are not any screws or nails in the area you are going to cut. Incidents might occur if you do not carefully check the lumber you work on. Lumber is often connected with stapled bands which can cause injury.

Inquire about tutorials on tools that you are renting. Oftentimes, they have someone available to train you with the tool. Also ask for any documentation to help you out.

You will get better at woodworking as you continue working with it. The more you create, the more experience you get. Make sure that you do many small projects before taking on a large one.

TIP! Many woodworking shops have various kinds of saws. Circular saws for short cuts, miter saws for angle cuts and table saws for long, straight cuts can all be found in the shop.

You need a good stair gauge in your shop. Typically, they are used for the layout of stair jacks, but they can also be used to clamp down the carpenter’s square. That makes the carpenter square a guide for the circular saw. You won’t have to worry about uneven cuts any more!

Think about how you will make use of your woodworking shop before you begin setting it up. You will need room to move around without trouble in order to get to everything. Don’t over-fill your shop with useless things. Make sure you have enough area between the machines. You need free space to do your jobs properly. It allows you to move about freely and helps keep you safe.

TIP! Your power cords should be hung up far above your head in your shop. It’s better to have a place to get tools plugged in that’s hanging or mounted on a pole.

It is a good idea to keep a small ruler in your pocket, but you may find it falls out when you bend over because of the length. A great way to remedy this problem is to purchase a metal ruler, keep this in your pocket with a telescoping magnet that is used to gather up any loose screws. The magnet will ensure the ruler stays in your pocket.

Don’t take drugs or drink when you work on a project. A cold beer on a warm day might be tempting, but it can be dangerous. This applies for medications (including ones that are over-the-counter). Stay away from medications that can impair your abilities when woodworking.

TIP! If you have a local PBS station, they often broadcast DIY shows which are geared towards the different aspects of woodworking. They go over a lot of tools and skills you need to do woodworking.

Be sure you have a good blade before sawing. Dull blades rip wood apart. This can cause costly mistakes in your project. Checking your saw blades before hand is a lot easier than losing money and time.

You do not necessarily have to purchase a lot of expensive tools if you are just getting started. Home improvement stores rent all the tools you need. If woodworking is something you love, think about buying these tools down the road. But if you’re only working on a couple of projects, then perhaps it is best to rent the tools.

TIP! While dovetail types of joints look great, they’re not good to use when they’re not going to be seen. However, not every piece looks good with visible dovetail joints.

Search estate sales, garage sales and other resale venues for woodworking tools. It is possible to find terrific deals on high-end tools that are being sold used. You can then apply those savings to other things you may need.

If you’re making large pieces and must clamp your wood together in order for the glue to set, you will require a larger clamp. If this is something you don’t have, think about purchasing a pipe clamp. Ask the hardware store staff to cut and thread the pipe and you’ll have what you need.


You can utilize your woodworking skills for a better yard. You can build a deck and a bird feeder. The birds will help keep insects away from your yard. If you’re a professional woodworker, meet clients near your deck or something you have built, so they can see your work right away.


Challenging yourself and developing your woodworking skills is a very rewarding experience. Whether trying new recipes or getting good advice about how to be better at woodworking, each new information bit helps. Now you should feel confident when you approach your next project.

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