If you will be using stain, always do a test on an inconspicuous area, or scrap of wood. Then, you can stay away from any surprises if the stain looks differently after application. Keep in mind that it is not easy to guess how wood stain will turn out; therefore, you should always test out the stain on a piece of wood to prevent disappointment.

TIP! Try using a stair gauge as a crosscut guide. Clamp your carpenter’s square to your stair gauges while ensuring they coincide with the rise and run of your stair jack.

If you have ever seen a hand-made wooden chair or even a beautiful wood carving, maybe you have wondered if you have what it takes to be a woodworker. There is not that much out there about how to work with wood, and that’s why this article was written. Read these tips to improve your skills.

When using stains or finishes, be sure to stir them, rather than shake them. Stir often because these stains settle over time. However, shaking can cause bubbling and prevent a thorough mixing of the product. Be sure to stir thoroughly, until all settlement is dispersed evenly and smoothly.

TIP! Understand your budget’s limitations. It is easy to miscalculate costs when it comes to woodworking projects.

Safety is crucial when it comes to woodworking. Always ensure that safety comes first, and you know how to properly use all the tools. Don’t take guards off the power tools. This will reduce the chances for severe injury.

Keeping a ruler in a pocket can be a good idea, however sometimes it can be frustrating if it falls out. Make the small ruler a metal one, and put it inside the pocket in which you have a small magnet for picking up those loose screws. The magnet will keep the ruler in your pocket at all times.

TIP! You need to have good lighting where you plan to work. Woodworking requires a degree of accuracy.

Never stain an entire piece of wood without testing a little part of it first. This lets you stay away from any sudden surprises when the stain color is not what you expected. This simple testing tactic lets you counter the unpredictability of wood.

Drinking a few beers on the weekend seems like a good idea when you feel like building a few things. This is not a good idea and can impair your judgement. Avoid alcohol when working with woodworking tools. Also, never take any major drugs prior, whether they are prescription or illegal.

TIP! Keep your eyes peeled for furniture going to the trash. Many times you can spot decent wood furniture at reduced prices or even free.

Before you begin, have a budget in place so you will know the limits of your project. Frequently, you overestimate how much you can afford to invest in your projects. Do not get excited about a project before making sure you have enough money to get everything you need. Be sure to budget in advance to be prepared for any eventuality.

A drafting square helps when making small cuts. It can be hard to accurately measure the wood you need. Squares can be hard to use, whether carpenter or dry wall. A drafting square is the solution in this situation. They are simple to use and very accurate.

Gel Stains

Wear tight clothes when you work with tools. Loose clothing can get caught in these tools and cause serious injury. Tuck in your shirt and make sure it fits you well. Steel toed boots can also protect your feet if you drop something.

TIP! Make sure that your tools are of the best quality. Low-quality tools are more likely to break, which will be a huge pain in the middle of a project.

Gel stains are the new big thing for staining furniture and other wood projects that need staining. Gel stains adhere to wood better, while liquid stains run a lot more. In addition, the thicker consistency of gel stains have more consistent pigments and allow for a more even coat of stain on vertical and horizontal pieces.

Sharp blades are optimal when you are starting a project. Dull blades cause a lot of accidents in the shop. Wood may kick back if you are not using a blade that is sharp. Kickbacks cause a lot of accidents in woodworking. Also, make sure you have razor sharp drill bits for the best results.

TIP! You can learn from watching someone else work with wood. Free online videos are readily available for viewing.

When cutting a narrow wooden piece, do not use fingers like guides! Instead, a long and thin piece of scrap wood should be used to push your piece through your saw. This technique helps protect your fingers from injury.

If you are always double-checking measurements when you cut against one straight edge with your circular saw, take time to write measurements right from the edge of the shoe, to the blade on top of the shoe. Do that for both blade sides. If you can’t read it, use blank address labels on top of the shoe, and then write them.

TIP! Woodworking skills will get better with time. After you complete every project, your confidence and experience will grow.

When doing woodworking with laminate, a good method of trimming the material is by using a pair of tin snips. These let you cut laminate into a size you can use. If you can, get yourself some tin snips and then reserve them for laminate only for the best results.

Think about doing projects you’ve done in the past again. Practice makes perfect, so doing the same project more than once gives you the chance to improve personally. You can either keep those repeat projects for yourself, gift them or maybe even sell them. Future financial opportunities can spur you on to improve your craft skills.

TIP! Remove dust from your workspace often. Although it’s not always the case, hardwood dust is generally harder on your health than softwood dust.

Always do a dry fit prior to gluing two pieces of wood together. Adjusting your wood after applying glue can cause damage to your project. Dry fitting helps you figure out where each piece is placed.

Try hanging up your power cords in your workspace well above your head. Plugging tools in above your head works out better. You don’t want to trip on cords. You also just might not like bending over all the time to plug something in.

Grade Indicates

You should always make a pilot hole before driving a nail into wood. You can create a pilot hole by using a drill bit that is a little smaller than your nail. Hit the nail into the hole until it stays, and then use the hammer to put it fully where you want it.

TIP! Drill pilot holes prior to screwing into wood. If you don’t already have the hole in place, the screw will spin out of control and destroy the wood.

Learn about the wood you want to use before you try to stain it. Paint grade indicates that the wood is not of high quality, while stain grade indicates that the wood has a grain pattern that is suitable for staining wood. Also realize that veneer and particleboard are different. Particleboard will absorb too much stain, veneer might not absorb enough. The proper type of wood will ensure that your project will turn out as planned.

Respect the wood you are using. Wood was once a beautiful tree, so don’t waste it. Use your materials efficiently. Plan ahead and try not to make unnecessary cuts.

TIP! There are a number of helpful do-it-yourself shows on local public television stations. Check them out.

Before you even begin sawing anything, check the blade to make sure it’s in good condition. Dull blades can make work difficult. It can also lead to you making an error that could cost you a lot of money, depending on the type of wood that you are using.

When making your dream, you need more than the proper techniques and right tools. You should always keep the final product in mind while working on your project. Know that keeping things simple will be the best course of action so that you’re not overdoing things.


Be certain you have the right protection for your ears. The machinery used in woodworking is noisy. Exposure over a long period of time can be bad on your hearing. It is easy to buy disposable plugs for the ears, or you may decide to buy pricier headphones. Regardless of your personal choice of ear protection, make certain you always use them when woodworking.


Now that you’ve gone over some of the information on woodworking, you should be able to use the tips to your advantage in the future. If you keep at it and do a few projects daily, you can soon make fancier projects. This advice found in this article can help you.

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